March 2022

Matt is the vice-chair of the Voice and Speech interest Group at SETC in Memphis, TN. He will be presenting his workshop, Soma, Song and Presence.

February 2022

Matt is the Jewish Consultant on WVU School of Theatre and Dance’s production of Indecent.

January 2022

Matt is serving as one of the directors and acting coaches for WVU School of Music’s Opera Pastiches.

December 2021

Matt collaborates with WVU student directors to create a play based on de-stigmatizing substance use disorder in in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Matt serves as a coordinating producer on the film, Blackbird, filming in Savannah, Georgia.

November 2021

Matt films a Hulu episodic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Matt presents his digital workshop, “Soma, Song, and Presence” which is a multi-year long research collaboration with his international colleagues. The workshop aims to use Fitzmaurice Voicework, Organic Intelligence and Presence to bring voice back to everyone who has a body.

October 2021

Matt co-directs and co-choreographs 35mm: A Musical Exhibition at West Virginia University. He recruited two undergraduate students for an ensemble-directed experience, wherein the run was sold out. The students involved in the show we’re also given the opportunity to meet with composer, Ryan Scott Oliver, as part of Matt’s goal to bridge the gap between studio training and the profession.

Matt films an industrial in West Virginia.

Matt is an Adjudicator for the WVU School of Theatre and Dance’s production of Celebration of Dance.

September 2021

Matt serves as a lecturer at Tulane University teaching Audition Techniques.

August 2021

Matt serves as an associate conference planner for ATHE’s annual conference, as part of the VASTA focus group. He presented a roundtable with collaborators from the medical and academic fields focusing on de-stigmatizing voice injuries in musical theatre.

Country Roads, Take me Home! Matt starts his job at West Virginia University as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre. He teaches classes in the School of Theatre and Dance and the School of Music. Read about his faculty spotlight here.

July 2021

Matt directs Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at University of Mount Union’s Shakespeare at the Castle 2021 Season, live and in- person, where every performance was sold out. He also served as a fight director, and musical composer for the production.

Matt present his workshop, “Sing out, Louise!” as part of his international research salon at VASTA’s Rising Voice’s Conference in Albuquerque, NM.

June 2021

Matt travels to Valdez, Alaska where he participates in the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. He performed in four new work plays while kayaking through Alaskan glaciers